Hire The Circuit

button4The Brooksbank Cycle Circuit is available for hire direct from the The Brooksbank School Sport College by schools, groups, clubs & individuals.

Schools: During weekday lesson/term times, the circuit is available for hire by Primary and Secondary Schools and by other educational establishments.

Clubs, Groups & Individuals: On selected evenings and at the weekends, the circuit is available for hire by private groups, clubs and individuals.

If you are interested in hiring the circuit, please contact The Brooksbank School Sport College Sports Hall Manager on 01422 372214. You can also email on cycling@bbs.calderdale.sch.uk

Circuit Availability Overview

The planner below allows you to quickly and easily identify when the circuit is available to ride and hire.


  • Pale Yellow: General curriculum time for primary/ secondary schools/colleges to book the track.
  • Green: Extra-curricular opportunities for coaching and racing and invitations to other schools to book the track
  • Gold: Available for hire by groups/clubs/individuals
  • Red:



Community sessions on Wednesday’s for intermediate riders March-November 6pm-8pm

Community sessions on Sunday’s for beginners & families March-November 10am-12pm


Child (15 and under)  – £3

Adult – £5

Family – £10

For further information or possible bike hire for the session contact Mark Ragan 07843155810 (BC coach level 2)